MACFA BvC 2024


Men’s Foil

Men’s Foil had quite an eventful time at MACFA BvC. Patrick “Apostle” Feagin, Jawand “Bronco” Singh, and Dale “Sandman” DeVinney made up the all freshman foil squad, and they gave their all against the fierce MACFA competition. Patrick and Jawand used their Epee skills to land decisive counterattacks and fleches in order to win valuable bouts, while Dale used every trick in his bag to land any touch he could. The real opponent, however, was not the collegiate fencers that Men’s Foil faced. Instead the real enemy was their own gear, as blades snapped, white lighted, and just gave up throughout the tournament. By the end, four of their five foils were broken and the boys were bouting on a single foil and a prayer. Regardless, Men’s Foil fought through the adversity and are looking forward to bigger and better things!

Men’s Sabre

William and Mary Saber did not mess around at Stevens Institute of Technology. Justin “Gizmo” Feira and Ni “Vulcan” Hao took their talents to Hoboken, New Jersey and fearlessly fought fellow club but mostly other varsity fencing programs. Leo “Viking” Wallace was slated to come as the third member of the sabre B team but unfortunately contracted a near fatal illness just days before the tournament. Our two remaining soldiers fought valiantly and managed to come away with a 5-4 victory against Hunter and two other narrow 4-5 defeats against Army and Yeshiva. The B team gained invaluable experience and is ready to come back better than ever next year.

Men’s Epee

Epee squad’s impressive depth was on full display at BvC. With the regular starters competing in Atlanta, the “B” team of Henry “Falcon” Hermes ‘25, Eric “Helios” Montesi ‘26, and Luke “Mojave” Miller ‘27, posted a 5-2 record against NCAA varsity teams, highlighted by an impressive 6-3 win over Stevens and a 9-0 sweep of Hunter. No hand was safe from Falcon’s precise flicks, and his long attacks kept his opponents on their toes when they grew wary of his counters. His cutting journalism during timeouts provided important information on the boys’s lunch orders. Helios used dominating parries and lightning fast redoublements to overwhelm his opponents, shutting down attacks and giving varsity opponents crazy work while flexing the coldest sock game in MACFA. It was Miller Time for Mojave at his first collegiate competition, as the freshman controlled his opponents with impeccable timing and distance. He was the only fencer to take wins against every school, promising greatness in the future. With a strong result at BvC, the Tribe’s epee dynasty shows no signs of slowing down.