VA Cup Sweep and More: the triumphant end of a great season

As the year comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the 2016-2017 season, whether by coming to our tournaments to coach, donating to get us to Michigan, or offering their time and guidance to the team. The William & Mary fencing team would not have enjoyed such a successful year without you.

Our fencers worked tirelessly on and off the strip this year. Those efforts were rewarded with some truly excellent results at our last two tournaments of the season: USACFC and the Virginia Cup.

Saber: Steven Pressendo, Eric Alpert, Robert Catlett, Gabriella Carney, Chrysanthi Stevens, Hannah Cooper

Epee: Jack Maes, Bill Stergios, Pulak Raj, Quang Huynh, Cecilia Hoover, Kirsten Clamann, Nikki Petzer

Foil: Seth Daily, Kamran Rahman, Ian Lickers, Julia Burzynski, Cierra Filla, Kelsey Mathern

Men’s Team: 5th place
Women’s Team: 9th place
Combined Team: 7th place

2nd place Men’s Foil: Seth Daily
4th place Men’s Epee: Jack Maes
With this finish, William and Mary improved our all-time ranking to 10th in the nation!


Virginia Cup

Saber: Misha Shender, Steven Pressendo, Eric Alpert, Robert Catlett, Gabriella Carney, Chrysanthi Stevens, Hannah Cooper, Madeline Myers

Epee: Pulak Raj, Quang Huynh, Xiaopeng Sun, Nathan Robichaud, Cecilia Hoover, Ruoying Hao, Kirsten Clamann, Nikki Petzer

Foil: Seth Daily, Matt Cusick, Kamran Rahman, Julia Burzynski, Marilyn Vaccaro, Cierra Filla, Elizabeth Sutterlin

1st place Men’s Saber 
1st place Women’s Saber 
1st place Men’s Foil 
1st place Women’s Foil
1st place Men’s Epee
1st place Women’s Epee

1st place Men’s Saber: Misha Shender
2nd place Men’s Saber: Steven Pressendo
1st place Women’s Saber: Gabriella Carney
2nd place Women’s Saber: Chrysanthi Stevens
1st place Men’s Foil: Seth Daily
2nd place Men’s Foil: Matthew Cusick
3rd place Men’s Foil: Kamran Rahman
2nd place Women’s Foil: Julia Burzynski
3rd place Women’s Foil: Marilyn Vaccaro
1st place Men’s Epee: Pulak Raj
1st place Women’s Épée: Cecilia Hoover
2nd place Women’s Epee: Nicole Petzer
3rd place Women’s Epee: Ruoying Hao


As we watch the Class of 2017 graduate, we want to thank them for all the time and energy they have poured into the club over the past four years. We wish them the best in their future endeavors and hope they cherish the friends and memories they made fencing with us!

Now at the close of an excellent season, we have high hopes for next year’s team, and we cannot wait to resume competing in the fall. Be sure to check back here for more updates and information about the 2017-2018 tournament schedule as it is finalized, and in the meantime, check out our Facebook and Instagram!